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I am a Bangalore-based Digital Marketer with a focus on Performance Marketing, SEO, SMM, and Copywriting. Even though a fresher in the field, I have a diverse range of experience having worked in multiple live businesses.

I am client-faced and love taking on challenges and acquiring new skills that help me achieve the client’s goals. With my communication skills and interpersonal skills, it is a cakewalk to adapt and work well within a team and communicate between teams


2023 - 2024

Ember / HighVe / Monk

Masters' Union

2020 - 2023

I acted as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Ember, a drop-shipping venture that collected revenue of 2.5L+ in just 2 months. 

I also was a co-founder of the spirits company, HighVe, where I learned the operations and regulations for starting and running an alcohol business in India and how to do Surrogate Marketing.

For Monk, a monk fruit sweetener company, I worked in digital marketing, doing Copywriting,  Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing using Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest, Meta ads, and so on

Automation Engineer, Data Analyst

Wipro Ltd

In Wipro, I was able to decrease man-hours by ~97% by automating the processes of redacting personal info in the client’s customer care case notes. I also helped the client save $1000+ per case by using ML/Named Entity Recognition to automate the flow of redaction processes 

I was responsible for analyzing data & working on solutions to product-level use cases, increasing project efficiency by 27%I was also tasked with creating 25+ customized workflow-specific dashboards for 200+ people, to monitor various business processes. I helped the client win ~14% more lawsuits by providing regular insights using SQL, Teradata, Snowflake, Autosys, and Tableau


2023 - 2024

Master's Degree in Business

Masters' union

Masters’ union’s motto is “Learning by doing”. During my college years, I was able to start and run multiple ventures, thus understanding the tools, context, and industry much better. 

2016 - 2020

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering

College of Engineering, Trivandrum

My undergraduation was in Technology. I studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering for my degree, for the love of Science. I was able to conduct multiple technical workshops during those years and was also able to stand out in extra-curricular such as being the dance club captain, college RJ and so on.






Google Analytics



Meta Ads

Digital Marketing









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16 Dec 2023

Brand Management

University of London